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Name Frequency City
Aanchal Monthly Karachi
Adventure Monthly Karachi
Aqeedat Monthly Hyderabad
Brands Monthly Karachi
Centre Line Monthly Islamabad
Cricketer Monthly Karachi
Dastak Monthly Karachi
Defence Journal Monthly Karachi
Diplomatic Focus Monthly Islamabad
Dosheeza monthly Karachi
Economic Outlook monthly Karachi
Engineering Post Monthly Lahore
Fashion Collection monthly Karachi
For Her Magazine (FHM) Monthly Karachi
Gidrosia Monthly Quetta
Hamdard Naunahal Monthly Karachi
Hazar Dastan Monthly Hyderabad
Hello Pakistan Monthly islamabad
Herald monthly Karachi
Hina monthly Lahore
Hospitality Plus Monthly Lahore
Imran Digest monthly Karachi
Investment & Marketing monthly Karachi
Jahangirs World Times Monthly Lahore
Jasoosi Digest Monthly Karachi
Khawateen Digest monthly Karachi
Kiran Digest monthly Karachi
Kitchen Monthly Karachi
Master Chef Pakistan Monthly Karachi
Mystery Magazine Monthly Karachi
Naey Ufaq monthly Karachi
Naya Rukh monthly Karachi
Pakeeza Monthly Karachi
People Monthly Karachi
Phool Monthly Lahore
Qaumi Digest monthly Lahore
Roohani Digest monthly Karachi
Sach-Chee Kahaniyan monthly Karachi
Sahar Monthly Quetta
Sarguzisht Monthly Karachi
Sathee monthly Karachi
Shuaa monthly Karachi
Suspense Digest Monthly Karachi
Taleem-o-Tarbiat Monthly Lahore
Teenager Monthly Karachi
Urdu Digest Monthly Lahore
Vatan Mag monthly Karachi
Waij Monthly Karachi
Women Times Monthly Lahore
Women's Own monthly Karachi
Zaraee Dost Monthly Karachi
Zeb-un-Nisa monthly Lahore