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1. Applicant must be in publication:
For atleast 6 months in case of daily publication.
For atleast 12 months in case of a periodical publication.

2. Application must accompany profile / bio-data and passport size colour photographs of publisher and editor of the publication. 

3. The application must contain a demand draft in favour of APNS being the Application fee, entrance fee, as per following:


Metro A
Dailies from all three Metropolitan Centers, i.e.Lahore, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Karachi

Membership Fee Rs.25,000/-
Application Processing Fee Rs.25,000/-
Annual Subscription Rs.75,000/-
Total Rs.125,000/-

Metro B

Dailies from Lahore/Rawalpindi/Islamabad/Karachi

Membership Fee Rs.20,000/-
Application Processing Fee Rs.20,000/-
Annual Subscription Rs. 15,000/-
Total Rs.55,000/-

Regional / Periodicals

Membership Fee Rs.15,000/-
Application Processing Fee Rs.15,000/-
Annual Subscription (Regional Daily) Rs. 5,000/-
Annual Subscription (Periodical) Rs. 5,000/-

(The application processing fee is non-refundable, in case of the application is rejected by the Executive Committee, the membership fee will be refunded)

4. Issues of publication as per following:
- Dailies : 25 separate issues per month for a period of six months.
- Bi-Weeklies : 80 separate issues per year.
- Weeklies : 40 separate issues per year.
- Fortnightlies : 20 separate issues per year and
- Monthlies : 10 separate issues per year.

5. Following documents must be enclosed with the application:
i) Copies of the declaration duly authenticated by the prescribed authority, 
ii) Printer's Certificate from the press
iii) Newswire Service Certificate, 
iv) National Tax Number and 
v) ABC Certificate.

In case any of these documents are not provided, reasons for inability to do so must be explained in writing to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee:

6. In case of daily publication proof of the fact that the publication is subscribing to news service if such a service is available in the town of publishing. However, if the publication is unable to avail such service, it must explain in writing the reasons for its inability to provide the same to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee.

7. No application for associate membership shall be considered by the Executive Committee unless complimentary copies of the publication are regularly submitted to the Secretariat since the date of the application under postal certificate.

NOTE: Please note that canvassing among members of provincial committee / Executive Committee is strictly prohibited which would disqualify an applicant for membership.

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