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New Appoinments


  Ref:APNS/2010/117 21-May-10  
­All Member Publications

All  Accredited / Associate Advertising Agencies.    
Dear Sirs,       
1)  New Appointment

S.No.   Clients Name  & Address Accredited Advertising Agenceis              
1 M/s. Pakistan Dairy Association, M/s. Corporate & Marketing   
  51-A, Block-B-1, Gulberg III, Lahore. Communications (Pvt.) Ltd.  
  Ph: 35710862, 35710863  Fax: 35778494    
2 M/s. Madinatul-ilm Company, M/s. Future Vision Advertising   
  Flat No.4, 1st Floor, Khyber Plaza, (for Qurtaba City and other Projects)  
  Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad.    
  Ph: 2206380, 2274563 Fax: 2270411    
3 M/s. Rufi Properties, M/s. Maxim Advertising Co.   
  Rufi Trade Centre, 2nd Floor,     
  Opp. Urdu Science College, Main University Road,    
  Karachi. Ph: 4970861, 4970866 Fax: 4970865    
4 M/s. Sharif Medical City Hospital, M/s. Orient Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd.  
  Jati Umra, Raiwind Road, Lahore.    
  Ph: 7860101-4 Fax: 7860105    
As per our list, no other accredited agency appear to be handling account of the clients in question.  
S. No.   Clients Name & Address New Advtg Agency       Outgoing Agency

1 M/s. COMSTECH, M/s. Synergy Advertising M/s. Adgroup / M/s. ADS
  COMSTECH Secretariat,     
  3-Constitution Avenue, G-5/2, Islamabad.    
  Ph: 9220681-3 Fax: 9211115, 9220265    
2 M/s. Cantonment Board Quetta, No new agency  M/s. TNI
  Quetta. appointed  Communications
3 M/s. National Radio Telecommunication  No new agency M/s. Advertising &
  Corporation, appointed  Information Management
  Haripur (NWFP).   (Pvt.) Ltd. (AIM).
4 M/s. Sindh Agriculture University  No new agency M/s. Manhill Advertising
  Tandojam. appointed   
S.No. Clients Name & Address Product/Area/Agency  
1 M/s. Earthquake Reconstruction & M/s. Kenad:   
  Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA), for Tenders & Public Announcement (English)  
  Prime Minister’s Secretariat (Public), (Please do not accept ads through M/s. Kenad  
  Govt. of  Pakistan, Islamabad. till agency is restored)   
    M/s. Midas Communications:   
    for Tenders & Public Announcement (Urdu)  
    M/s. Orient Advertising:    
    for Job opportunities and Invitation for Bids (English)  
    M/s. Roshni Communications:    
    for Job opportunities and Invitation for Bids (Urdu)  
    (Please do not accept ads through M/s. Roshni  
    Communications till agency is restored)  
    ( M/s. MPL / Adgroup cleared )  
2 M/s. Expo Lahore (Pvt.) Ltd., M/s. Adgroup: for Business Development &  
  1-A, Johar Town, Lahore. Marketing related advertisements.  
  UAN: 111-092-042 Fax: 35298004    
    M/s. Midas (Pvt.) Ltd.: for Classified Ads.  
3 M/s. Oil & Gas Development Co. Ltd., M/s. Midas Communications:  
  OGDCL House, Jinnah Avenue, for Pre-qualification, consultancy services/  
  Islamabad. Ph: 9244425 Fax: 9209839 Gallop Tender Notices.  
    M/s. Interflow: for Tender Notices / Job-  
    Opportunities of PRTI.  
    M/s. Adgroup: for Local Wing Procurement.  
    M/s. M-Communication: for Situation Vacant.  
    M/s. Orient Advertising:   
    for Foreign Wing Procurement.  
    M/s. Manhattan Pakistan: for Auction Notices.  
    M/s. Manhattan Communication:   
    for Board Affairs etc.  
4 M/s. Pakistan Stone Development Co., M/s. Kenad: for Classified Ads (Head Office)  
  2nd Floor, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce (Please do not accept ads through M/s. Kenad  
  Building, Mauve Area, G-8/1, Islamabad. till agency is restored)  
  Ph: 9263465-7   Fax: 9263464    
    M/s. Midas Int’l.: for Display & Projects  
    Classified Ads.  
    ( M/s. Adgroup cleared)  
Thanking you,    
Yours faithfully,     
( Sarmad  Ali )    
Secretary General