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Defence Raya Golf & Country Club

Ref: APNS/2010/58                                         March 04, 2010

To:      All Member Publications.
Sub:    Issuance of Provisional Clearance Certificate
in favour of  M/s. Defence Raya Golf & Country Club.
Dear Sirs,
M/s. Defence Raya Golf & Country Club, a listed clients of M/s. Midas (Pvt.) Ltd. have submitted tax payment challans and deposited remaining claimed amount of the agency as trust money and requested to allow their ads through M/s. Blitz Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd.
We have therefore, decided to provisionally allow the advertisements of the above clients through M/s. M/s. Blitz Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd. till further advice.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully, 
( Dr. Tanvir A. Tahir )
   Executive Director