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New Appointment of Clients and Agencies

Ref:APNS/2010/39                                            February 08, 2010         


All Member Publications

All  Accredited / Associate Advertising Agencies.


Dear Sirs,


1)  New Appointment


S.No.  Clients Name  & Address                                                Accredited Advertising Agencies


1.           M/s. Neurology Research & Patient                        M/s. The Circuit (Pvt.) Ltd.

              Welfare Fund,

              12-A/III, Khayaban-e-Shujjat, Phase-V,

              Karachi. Ph: 5868323


2.           M/s. Sukh Chan Wellness Club,                              M/s. Creative Junction (Pvt.) Ltd.

              25-H, Gulberg-II, Lahore.

              Ph: 5879902-8 Fax: 5755909


3.           M/s. Siddiqui Builders & Developers,                      M/s. Cross Check Communications

              SB-1, Block-F, North Nazimabad,

              Karachi. Ph: 36678893, 36678894


4.           M/s. S.S. Developers,                                                  M/s. Future Vision Advertising

              Village Kala Shah Kaku,  Main G.T. Road,

              Lahore. Ph: 0423-6175444


5.           M/s. Al-Balad Builders,                                              M/s. Kimco Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd.

              Plot # 63, Bank Road Saddar,                                            ( for Rajdhani Mall )

              Rawalpindi Cantt., Ph: 5511720-21 Fax: 5511722    


6.           M/s. Beadon Hygienic Products (Pvt.) Ltd.,            M/s. Message Communications

              Beadon House, 42-Cooper Road, Lahore.

              Tel & Fax: 6367201, 6367201, 6312877


7.           M/s. KBA Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd.,                                  M/s. Orient Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd.

              18-km Multan Road, Lahore.

              UAN: 111-111-301 Fax: 7510308-09


8.           M/s. Chinar China Motors (Pvt.) Ltd.,                     M/s. Orient Advertising

              3rd Floor, Room No.305, Progressive Plaza,

              Beaumont Road, Karachi.

              Ph: 35689243, 35689244 Fax: 35689212


9.           M/s. Al-Qasmia Properties,                                    M/s. Value Added Marketing

              Shop No.1, Laberty Terrace, SB-39,

              Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Block-7,

              Near:  Safoora Chowrangi, Karachi.


10.         M/s. Burhani Associate,                                         M/s. Value Added Marketing

              406, Panorama Centre-2, Raja Ghazanfar Ali

              Khan Road, Saddar, Karachi. Ph: 35675562       



II)     CHANGE OF AGENCY          


S.No.  Clients Name & Address                          New Advtg Agency                 Outgoing Agency



1.        M/s. Ansari Sugar Mills Ltd.,                         No new agency             M/s. G.H. Thaver

           41-K, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S., Karachi.              appointed                           

           UAN: 111-48-48-48 Fax: 4546456


2.        M/s. Competitiveness Support Fund,          M/s. Hawk                    M/s. Difference

           House No.53, Street I, F-6/3,                         Advertising                       (Pvt.) Ltd.

           Islamabad. Ph: 2272042-3


3.        M/s. Golden Foods,                                       No new agency             M/s. Manhattan Pakistan

           J-6A, Al-Azam Square, Federal B Area,        appointed                      (Pvt.) Ltd.

           Karachi. Ph: 6322012 Fax: 6323319


4.        M/s. GM International, (GM Cable)          M/s. Creative Junction     M/s. Manhattan Pakistan

           Ferozpur Road, Lahore.                                 (Pvt.) Ltd.                       (Pvt.) Ltd.

           Ph: 5276143-44 Fax: 5276145


5.        M/s. Matco (Pvt.) Ltd.,                                 No new agency              M/s. Manhattan Pakistan

           6-Mezzanine Floor, ATS Center,                    appointed                      (Pvt.) Ltd.

           30 West Fazal-e-Haq, Blue Area, Islamabad.

           Ph: 2874941-2 Fax: 2271276, 2874940


6.        M/s. Oxfam,                                                        No new agency             M/s. Manhattan Pakistan

           House No.201, Street 10, E-7,  Islamabad,      appointed                      (Pvt.) Ltd.  

           Ph: 2653341-42  Fax: 2653491


7.        M/s. Pak Datacom Ltd.,                                M/s. Ideas Workshop    M/s. Manhattan Pakistan

           3rd Floor, Umar Plaza, Blue Area,                  (Pvt.) Ltd.                     (Pvt.) Ltd.

           Islamabad. Ph: 2823504 Fax: 2823270


8.        M/s. Pakistan Agricultural Storage &             No new agency             M/s. Manhattan Pakistan

           Services Corp. Ltd.,                                            appointed                      (Pvt.) Ltd.

           Passco House, 11-Kashmir Road,

           Lahore. Ph: 36304373 Fax: 36302827


9.        M/s. Sarhad Tourism Corporation,             No new agency             M/s. Manhattan Pakistan

           13-A, Khyber Road, Peshawar.                     appointed                      (Pvt.) Ltd.

           Ph: 9211090-91 Fax: 9210871


10.      M/s. Sindh Public Service Commission,   M/s. Xposure                M/s. Kimco Advertising

           Thandi Sarak, Hyderabad.                             Advertising

           Ph: 9200694, 9200246 Fax: 9200994


11.      M/s. Savoy Residences,                                No new agency             M/s. Manhattan Pakistan

           Plot 19, F-11/1, Islamabad,                             appointed                      (Pvt.) Ltd.

           Ph: 2102273-4  Fax: 2102275




S.No.    Clients Name & Address                                           Creative                                  MBH


1.      M/s. Service Sales Corp. (Pvt.) Ltd.                             M/s. Low & Rauf                    M/s. Group M

         Servis House, 2-Main Gulberg-Lahore,                                                                        ( Provisional till Feb 15, 2010)

         Ph: 5790611-20  Fax: 5751691




S.No.           Clients Name & Address                               Product/Area/Agency


1.          M/s. PAN Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.,                             M/s. Synergy Advertising: for Diapy

            61/C, Jamal Commercial Street No.7,

            Phase VII, D.H.A., Karachi                                      M/s. Adcom (Pvt.) Ltd.: for Trust Brand

            Ph: 5804571-75 Fax: 5804576                      

                                                                                              ( M/s. JWT Asiatic cleared )

Thanking you,                                                         


Yours faithfully,




( Dr. Jabbar Khattak )

Secretary General, APNS