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November 2013 Issue  




Dr. Tanvir Ahmed Tahir    (Executive Director)

Mr. Saeed Ahmed Khan (Accounts Officer)

  • Head of Accounts Department

Mr. Faisal Hussain (Information Technology Executive)

  • For the matters relating to Website and Information Technology
  • For Clearance of Dues and Accounting Matters

Mr. Naveed Ahmed (Account Assistant)

  • For Complaints and Dishonoured Cheques

Mr. Mahmood Ahmad (Coordination Officer)

  • For Coordination, Administration and Regularization of Appointment of the Client.

Mr. Nasir Hussain (Office Assistant)

  • For Regularization of Appointment of the Client.

Mr. Muhammad Imamuddin Ansari (Steno-cum-P.S)

  • For Information relating to procedure for application of Membership or Accreditation and General Information.

Mr. Muhammad Tahir (Office Assistant)

  • For Inventory of Complimentary Copies, Despatch and Inward.

Miss. Zamiza Azmat (Editor for News Bulletin)

  • For matters relating to News Bulletin "Print Media" and status of applications for membership.


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